Monday, September 7, 2009

Adult Content

Hi Folks,

Sorry about the adult content warning. But I suspect that if you have read much more than a paragraph of my other blog- you are already an adult. Likely a Christian and likely mature.

Consider it an additional gate for the flakes. Consider it a warning for those of feeble minds.

As the blog title suggests- this blog will appeal to scriptural authority. Whether it is a valid appeal, remains to be determined.

This blog is intended to appeal to sanctificational issues rather than salvational issues. This blog is intended to explore where the boundary markers are- and not intended to explode "the ancient boundary stones".

Strong language may be used. Language that appears to offend some sensibilities (like Grace To You's most recent snail-mail appeal for support).

Strong content will be used. Content that is hoped will offend the more prurient to greater holiness. And content that will offend those of the Pharisees (Luke 11:39). Those that seem to suggest that sexual issues are not sanctificational issues (that MacArthur letter again).

Content like- the sinfulness of Onan jerking off into the dirt (Genesis 38:9). Content like- the sinfulness of Lot's wet dreams with his daughters.

We will be talking "boundary stones". May you encourage me to stay within biblical boundaries. And forgive me when I trespass.


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