Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sex During Menstruation

And in keeping with the previous posting:
Stop depriving one another of sex during menstruation.
Unless you prefer the old taskmaster. Unless you prefer being kept in custody.

This recent article at Christianity Today- documents what was likely the malady of the unclean woman of Mark 5:25-34.
Obstetric Fistula. A malady affecting millions of women.

In this passage we have a woman- that was constantly bleeding. Constantly menstruating.
Her Jewish husband had likely left her- because she could not fulfill her marital duties.
She had likely suffered a difficult childbirth. The child was likely born dead.

She was unclean. She was an outcast.

There was no need for her to go to the mikvah/ cleansing bath- since her emission never ended.
The public mikvah that observant Jews remain in custody to.- Leviticus 15
The monthly vaginal custody that they remain in custody to. 
For fear of being outcast.

Observant Jews that are being 'kept in custody under the old law-
so that a true faith in a true redeemer/mikvah might be manifested '- Galatians 3:23-25.
The manifestation promised in Genesis 3:15.

A manifestation which is not an 'enmity between the serpents law and the woman's law'.
As the 'people of the book/Jews' appear to read.
But rather, a manifestation of  an "enmity between her seed and the serpent's seed"- Galatians 3:16.

Which couldn't possibly be an animal seed- from a human
An animal sacrifice that couldn't possibly make the human "worshiper perfect in conscience, since they relate only to food and drink and various washings, regulations for the body imposed until a time of reformation"- Hebrews 9:10.

But rather- a human seed. A conscionable seed.  A willing seed.  For a human problem.
A redeeming seed- which even Eve appeared to think was her "manchild begotten with the help of the Lord"- Gen. 4:1. (NASB)

An excellent podcast here regarding this at the Reformed Forum.

Dr. Shaw suggests there- that few Jews could fail to see that their animal sacrifices were vastly inadequate.
That their "various washings" were vastly inadequate.
That even the wholly burnt sacrifice was wholly inadequate.

That it should have been obvious- that these ritual washings were merely a tutor to the washing that would be truly cleansing.
That it should have been obvious- that these old sacrifices were merely a tutor to the sacrifice that would be wholly adequate.

Indeed, a tutor to the washing of the God-"manchild begotten with the help of the Lord".
Begotten with the help of the Holy Spirit. 
To wash our body AND our spirit.

Who washes holy- those with faith in His blood.
Yes, even the bloody woman.
And ever continues to wash us wholly.
Yes, even bloody women.

Who took us out of our ritual custody.
Out of our bath of bondage.
Out of our bloody sin.
And out of the bloody mikvah.