Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marital Rape... again

Was going to add these two  little updates to previous posts of mine.   To posts here and here.  Two little updates- which seem to have come up in top Canadian stories this week.  But then I thought, more content might be added as well so...

Here are some new court cases which have developed into court convictions this week.  Cases that have compelled rulings that pander to our cultures increasing sense of entitlement and "autonomy".   Cases that have forced our politically-correct courts, to grant our increasingly impatient culture- exactly what they want.  For the short term. 

In the one  story  we have the top  Canadian court ruling that "you cannot kiss, caress or fondle your partner while they are sleeping".  For such would make you a Sex Offender.  So beware if their eyes are closed.

And  in the other story we have a young husband convicted of raping his wife ten times.  While she "silently and unresistingly" just "lied still".  As many wives are inclined to do.  Though rarely still.  And rarely silently. 

Now it seems that in both cases there must be "active and ongoing consent".    That in both cases silence was not consent.  Nor was prior silence.
Past passivity was not consent.  And neither was blatant prior consent.

And as shown in my previous posts- these allegations may indeed come many months after the fact.  When such specious allegations are found to be profitable ("custody battles" etc).  And hostility is aroused.

Now how might these allegations be alleviated in the future?
Well... even the dullest Christians should recognize that this is not a Biblical option. 
People that recognize that "autonomy" is a cruel taskmaster.
People that recognize that for as long as they remain married, "their body is actually under the authority of their spouse" (1 Cor. 7:4).
That this is in their best interest...  'till death do them part'.

 And even the dullest pagans should recognize- that such allegations are not in their best interest either.
That statistics show- that actually working with their 'significant others' has significantly better outcomes.
That such allegations reflect badly on the accuser as well.  And does not bode well for future relationships (do they actually "deprive" their 'significant other'?).
But such is merely pie-in-the-sky thinking for pagans.   People who treasure immediate results.
People who truly treasure "autonomy".

So the operative question is... how should our Canadian courts react in future?
Well... from a "no-fault" perspective, of course.  Just like our supposed Canadian divorce perspective.
Where such specious allegations of fault are generally considered irrelevant and malevolent.
Allegations which cannot be used as a weapon.  And should have no effect on the Divorce Settlement.

Hmmm...reminds me of how the  wicked Witch Hunts finally died.  They "died only as soon as  profit-taking was no longer permitted" [see Lea].  As soon as there was no longer a reward in the Hunt.  And there was a penalty for false allegations.

Likewise, may our courts and culture learn from our wicked history-
and see fit to 'call off''  this espoused Hunt.
A Hunt that truly is... a 'fools game'.