Monday, October 31, 2011

The Problem of Sex

Fascinating article about sex here recently.  From premier scholars on Evolution.  How "Sex is The Queen of Problems in Evolutionary Biology":

How "sex is not only unnecessary, but it ought to be a recipe for evolutionary disaster"... since gender interdependence drastically reduces Darwinian probability.  
That gender independence ("asexual reproduction") would be 'vastly more efficient, vastly more diversifying, vastly more re-productive and vastly more probable'. 

Unless "reproduction" is not the primary purpose, of course.

Which begs the question, "What is the purpose of sex then"?  And "Is there meaning to sex"?

Sex has meaning.  And recently Mary Kassian at CBMW suggested this meaning:

Gender has a profound, cosmic meaning. God created manhood, womanhood, marriage and sex to put the love story of Christ and the Church on display.

A traditional suggestion.  A biblical suggestion.  A suggestion that our sexual relationships are a metaphor of our sacrificial relationship with God.
A metaphor of us giving our "bodies" (Rom. 12:1) to God and "one another"(v.10) as living and holy sacrifices"  A "spiritual service of worship" ... that is to be exercised with "zeal" (v.11).
As Jesus gave His body with zeal for his spouse... the Church.

Yet... this sacrifice was only secondarily for the Church.  This sacrifice was primarily for the Father.  A zealous gift to the Father through the Holy Spirit. So a far greater "love story" than we can imagine is actually being "displayed". A trinitarian "love story".

Three persons with a tremendous love for each other.  Three persons with an intimate love for each other.  Three persons with an indwelt love.  Three tri-united persons. Yet still... three distinct persons.

An ontology of distinction that is quite apparent from Scripture.  And quite apparent from Nature as well (as are body, mind and spirit).  A godhead that is traditionally recognized as three persons with "distinctions... not divisions".

An ontology that man is called to emulate in marriage.  To have distinctions but not divisions.  Not only to be at peace with those distinctions... but to glory in them. 

To lovingly display those distinctions.  That a woman shall not wear man's clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman's clothing (Deut. 22:5).  But that those those distinctions should be apparent.  As the distinctions in the godhead are apparent and not veiled.

That the godhead is not asexual.  Is not amorphous.  And not self-generating.

That humanity is not asexual.  Is not amorphous.  And not self-generating... but "created in His image" (Gen. 1:26).  

So the biblical "problem of sex" then?  Not a problem.

And the purpose of sex then? 
Again, not to put a whole bunch of images on display (reproduce like crazy)...  but to put a holy image on display.  A faithful reproduction on display.  A united image on display. 

Again, not so much to put the "love story" of Christ and the Church on display but...
to put God's united image on display.  Whether we like it or not!

Is there a greater form of flattery?