Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Death of Desire- pt.2

Continuing with this examination of Matthew 19:12.  A rarely examined text. A text that exists in ALL manuscripts of Matthew.  A text with NO textual variants.

This time with a brief examination of the second category that Jesus addresses. This time, man as the maker of eunuchs as opposed to God as the maker of eunuchs.

Now hang in there guys, this is where it gets squeamish.  But unlike AFV I won't dwell on the groin shots, OK?

Now, from Wiki you may observe man as the maker of eunuchs in numerous points in time.  Man as the maker of eunuchs long before and long after the time of Jesus.  Man as the maker in many times, many places, many ways and for many reasons.  So this is not some remote hypothetical from Jesus.

Yet Jews were not the makers of eunuchs.  Jews had far more respect for God's design.  Jews did not injure men like that.  In fact, if a woman even came close to injuring a man's testicles- her hand was to be "cut off" ( Deut. 25:12).

I suspect that the eunuchs of Isaiah and Acts were such injured men.  Slaves and POW's deprived of their testicles.
A castration often depriving them of their life (often severing a major artery).  But always depriving them of their desire for women or power.  Putting their desire to death.  And putting their ability to sire to death.

So, let's briefly look at these deprived men of Isaiah and Acts.

In Isaiah 56:5 we see the suggestion that the eunuch had something "cut off".  Yet, we are assured that this concerned eunuch who is now a "dry tree" is still eligible for an everlasting name.  A name which was not "cut off" with his inability to generate children.

Now, the eunuch in Acts 8 was of a similar concern.  This eunuch was reading scripture surrounding Isaiah 53. This eunuch could identify with being "sheared".  Could identify with "humiliation". Could identify with having no "generation".  Could identify with having a sense of life "removed".

And we see that those eunuchs were blessed in that identification.  Blessed with life through their identity in Christ.

Which is not to say that you should desire to have your desire to 'go forth' removed.  Or desire to have your ability to 'multiply' removed.  That will not bring you to an identity in Christ (and I don't believe that Christ was a eunuch).

Again, such emasculation will not make you an heir with Christ.  It may only preserve your hair.

That is the final category that I believe Jesus addresses in our next post...